Tuesday, January 2, 2007


I love the new year. I love starting over. There's something so fresh about beginning again. Even though the reality of it is that life continues just as it has in the previous twelve months, there's something magical about waking up and turning the calendar to a new year. It's as if all that has happened so far pales in the light of what's going to happen in the future. It's as if you can smell spring coming...even though it's the middle of winter. The days are getting longer. The sun hangs out a little bit later. Even the crispness of the frost on the grass in the morning seems to speak words of rejuvenation. As I stepped outside this morning and inhaled the cold air, it was life-giving. The coolness came rushing through my nostrils and through my mouth...I could taste newness in the air...it came pouring through my windpipe...exhilarating...it flooded my lungs and overwhelmed my senses. It's hard to explain, but I felt alive again...not that I was dead before, but it just felt refreshing and restoring and...new. We toast to newness and life and joy and peace and hope. We raise our glass to the possibilities of what is to come. May this new year truly be new.