Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Sheer Beauty...

...of a brand new Macbook Pro. Tremendous I say, tremendous! And it arrived today via UPS. I started the process on February 7, and exactly one month later I have a brand new Macbook Pro in my hands. It cost me a total of $60.33.

You may have read a previous post of mine that stated I qualified for a Mac by signing up for trial offers. I deleted that post due to a change in the company's terms and conditions. I didn't want anything to get in the way of getting my mac, and I wasn't willing to take a chance on it. However, now that I have my Mac, I will paste that post below to bring any of you up to speed who may not have read it. Ultimately the company (Niutech) has changed their terms of service, rendering it impossible to get a Macbook Pro for so cheap. I'm glad I got mine in time!

And so, on March 7, 2007 I have entered the world of Mac.

Post from before...

The Best President's Day Ever

I never thought I'd have a reason to celebrate on President's Day...I mean it really seems like sort of a pointless holiday. I'm pretty sure a federal employee thought it up just to get a day off work. However, this year will be remembered by me for quite sometime. Not only was it warm enough to melt some snow and drive with my window down (albeit a short distance), but today I received a voucher for a free Macbook Pro! I can't tell you how excited I am.

My relationship with Mac goes back to high school. A good friend of mine named
Angela was always raving about Macs. Her dad was a Mac fan, and so was she. I, however, voiced my hatred for Mac and made sure to state my love for the PC. I'll be honest, I never really hated the Mac...I was just looking to cause trouble...but, with that said, I still had an affinity for a PC. It was a different time. I was young...and ignorant. Over the years, my eyes have been begun to open...and my soul has begun to be saved. I have slowly grown into a love affair with the Mac. I think it was when I first started to realize that there is an extremely artistic side of me, and that a PC just doesn't cut it for what I would like to do.

So, about a year ago I made a decision that I wanted a Mac. The only trouble was that I could not afford one. Then what I thought was the perfect opportunity arose. My
wife and I decided we needed to buy a new laptop because our computer was officially dead. I tried to talk her into a Mac, but it wasn't to be...she was blinded by the world of PC's, and we settled for an HP. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a nice computer, but I still had an empty spot in my heart that could only be filled by a Mac. It probably worked out for the better anyway because Macs tend to be more expensive than PC's, and we really couldn't afford (though I probably would have found some way to make it work).

Fast forward to February 7, 2007. I found out about one of those websites that I was certain was a scam. You know you've seen Ipod, free 42" Plasma TV, free Trip for 2, free Airfare, free Vacuum, free Macbook Pro...what? Free Macbook Pro? Hmmm. Sounds interesting. All I had to do was sign up for 18 offers from their sponsors. Wait! 18! It's got to be a scam. Then my good friend
JR told me about some guy's blog that actually completed the offer and got a Macbook Pro. I spent about an hour on this guy's blog, and it turns out that there are countless others who have done the same.

So, I did what any red-blooded American who's stupid enough to use a credit card to sign up for trial offers from companies he's never heard of would do...I started working towards a free Macbook Pro. And, as of today, President's Day 2007, I received a voucher and a tax form for my free computer. I've had it notarized, and it is on it's way, and within 4-8 weeks, I will have my new Mac. All it took was about 15 hours of work (signing up for offers, canceling offers, etc.), $60.33, and a whole lot of patience. The latter of which I still must utilize because I'm waiting for my Mac to come in the mail.