Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just Shut Up

So, I met my good friend Justin for breakfast this morning at my favorite restaurant, New Beginnings. There was one of those free papers at the entry-way and it was entitled, "The West Michigan Christian (paper). It was filled with "inspiring" stories as well as some "news" pieces that focused on the importance of Christians going out to vote to "ensure that conservatives have a voice in our country."

Now, I will refrain from getting into the conservative/liberal debate here...though I will mention that I don't believe God is either. However, I would like to address the tag line underneath the title of the paper. It reads, "Just like salvation, this paper is free." I wasn't really sure if I should laugh or throw up, so I opted for rolling my eyes instead. I cannot stand cheesy slogans, and it seems like Christians really like to use them. Just drive by church signs. You're guaranteed to find one that says something dumb. I just wish Christians would shut up sometimes and not make themselves look cheesy and irrelevant.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

And I'll Cherish the Old Rugged...Potato?

It's 11:00pm on Easter Sunday. I'll admit, I've had better Easters. Church was just alright this morning. The time I spent early this morning praying was very good, though. And, this afternoon at JR and Di's was tremendous...dinner with neighbors and doesn't get much better than that.

But, the reason I felt like writing tonight is that the top story on WOOD TV was about a woman who, and I quote, “found a sign from God in a potato.” They showed a picture of it...a potato, cut in half with what appeared to be a rotten spot in the shape of a cross inside. Now, I'm not one to doubt that God moves in very real ways. I'm certainly not a cessationist that denies the supernatural movement and bestowing of gifts to Christ-followers (though I don't agree with certain theologies out there regarding the use and operation of gifts...just ask me if you're really interested in my views on this). However, a cross in a potato? A sign from God? I don't know. The woman who found the potato said in an interview that she is going through a rough time right now (divorce, job struggles), and that this cross in the potato is a sign of hope from God. And, as ridiculous as this sounds, I find myself thinking that maybe it's not so bad that she's found some hope...that her thoughts have been turned to Christ because of a cross in a potato. So, whether it truly was a “sign from God,” or if it was just a rotten spot in the potato, I suppose it's not a bad thing to have your mind turned towards the hope and peace that comes from Christ.

My only question is, “Why in the world did they make this the top story on the 11:00 news?”