Friday, November 30, 2007

Guess Who's Back, Back Again...

It appears I have come full circle.  I find myself back in the apartment industry, managing a property on the Southeast side of Grand Rapids.  This week has been good.  I've met some great new people who I could see becoming good friends.  I will admit that it will be a big adjustment to have to go to an office and keep office hours and such.  The last year and a half has allowed me the freedom to work when I wanted.  Of course, if you know me, you know that I work hard at whatever I do, so I'm not concerned about the amount of effort it will take to get the job done.  It's just now I won't have the luxury of being able to head upstairs to my office to get some work done.  And I won't have the luxury of being able to take an hour or two off at a time to get some stuff done around the house.

I'm very thankful that I found a job so quickly, even though the pay is less than I had hoped for. In our state's economy, just having any job is a Godsend, so to speak.  After getting to know the staff and my new boss  little bit, I'm excited about the job.  So, if you need an apartment in the Grand Rapids area, talk to me.

I also have been thinking a lot about the spiritual gifts I have and how I have given my life to the cause of Christ.  So I want to make it clear that my going back to a "regular job" is in no way my attempt to remove myself from ministry.  I plan on taking just as much initiative in people's lives to help them become like Christ.  That is my heart...that is what I love to do...and it doesn't take a job in a church to make that happen.  In fact, it may actually free me up more to do the kind of work God has called me to do.  So with that's Christmas time...and I have a tree to decorate.