Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Wish My Church Bought Some Porn

I really love what this church just around the corner from my house did.  Read the article, then read my commentary on the whole issue.

Grand Rapids Church Buys Porn to Keep it out of the Community

by Sarah Sell

Grand Rapids - A Grand Rapids video store that rented x-rated movies has a new "best" customer. The Tabernacle Community Church in Alger Heights.

The three pastors recently purchased 200 videos in hopes of keeping the DVD's off the streets. The move came shortly after the video store decided to go "porn-free".

Dan Fochtman, the General Manager of Video Maste,r says adult videos were a third of their business. He says he had some devoted customers, but others in the community, complained about the adult video section. "We knew it was a conservative neighborhood. We got the vibe by the neighborhood coming in here."

Fochtman says he had to make a moral decision. He got rid of the adult video section and started selling off the inventory. When the church next door heard about what was going on, they wanted to help. They offered to buy the videos.

Pastor Marvin Williams says, "He(Fochtman) was a bit unsure. Not so sure about that because he didn't want the church money to be invested in something like that." But, Pastor Williams says the church didn't want the videos to end up in someone else's hands.

"We're taking a stand. As a faith community. We've seen how destructive it can be."

The church went out and bought an industrial shredder. On Sunday, they will destroy the DVD's. "We believe this is one of the ways we can help men as well as women become better Christ followers."

The church also believes that by getting rid of the videos, the community will respond and do business with the store. From now on, they will only sell movies rated “G” through “R”.

Fochtman says he's hoping for the best. "We've been getting a lot of vocal support from the community and business around here so, this is a quaint neighborhood. It feels a lot better."

The Tabernacle Community Church will destroy the videos at their 10 Am service on Sunday. They purchased the pornographic videos for 10-dollars each.

Jake's commentary
It's about time a church put their money to good use.  I know that there are people out there who will say, "Well, they're just supporting the porn industry by purchasing it."  Or, better yet, "Just because people can't buy porn at that store, doesn't mean they won't find it elsewhere." Both of these statements have some validity.  It is true that Bob the porn addict (if your name is Bob, I'm not talking about you...unless you're a porn addict) will just go around the corner to the Velvet Touch (which my aunt thought was a car wash) or the Red Barn (where you can not only get porn but also watch exotic dancers).   It's an addiction...just like a heroine addict will find heroine and an alcoholic will find booze, a porn addict will find porn.  Is the church supporting the porn industry by purchasing the DVD's and destroying them?  I don't think so in this case.  The video store was selling off their inventory of DVD's that they already purchased...the porn industry got their cut already.  I say this church is helping the owner of that video store recoup some of his costs for making the decision to do away with a large part of his business.  And, they're taking at least a few DVD's out of circulation.  

And if you live in Alger Heights, then go rent movies at Video Master...support this guy for making a moral decision.  Plus, it's cheaper than Blockbuster.