Monday, January 21, 2008

Peace, Be Still

We had our Level 2 Ultrasound this afternoon/evening. Let me first say that throughout the course of this ultrasound they examined and measured everything they could on Baby Blakeney...the heart, the stomach, the brain, the legs, the nose, the spine...I mean everything. First and foremost, we were excited to know that there are no neural tube defects or exposed spine or anything like that. Everything is physically right on track. Baby Blakeney is 1 lb. 6 oz., and he/she is in the 56th percentile for weight and size...just above average.

There's still that unknown as to why the AFP levels were so high in Heidi's blood. And to this, we don't really know. The doctor talked about other risks involved with women with high AFP levels in their blood. Some people think that the AFP test could have been a wrong reading, but we're thinking that there's a pretty good chance that it was right...and that since last Thursday when we found out, God has answered our prayers and the prayers of people literally all over this country to bring healing and wholeness to the little one. We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he's brought peace to me and Heidi, and so once again we come to him, not being anxious about this situation, but presenting it to him with prayer and petition...with thanksgiving for the good news tonight.

It was fitting that the sermon I heard Sunday was about Jesus calming the wind and the waves. The last four days have felt like an incredible storm...and I feel like tonight he stands before us and says, "Peace, be still." And when the peace is here, we can be still and know that he is God.