Friday, March 28, 2008

The Week In Review

I was thinking this morning about my past week. It is Friday and now I sit here watching Dateline. I just had an amazing meal at The Green Well in the East Hills neighborhood. It was the first time Heidi and I had been there, and we were very impressed. And then you can't go wrong with a little Coldstone for dessert. However, I wanted to talk a bit about my week. It was full. Many conversations. A couple moments of feeling the baby kick. A busy week at work.

Work first: I'm currently managing an apartment complex. It's an alright job. At least I get to be around people all the time. I love people...even if they are sort of dumb sometimes. Sometimes being an apartment manager means I have to chase people down to pay rent. I don't like those conversations that much. So I try to forget about those and will not write about them here tonight. I will however, say that I got into a really good conversation with a girl who makes a living dancing naked for money...yes, she's a stripper. It was an interesting chat about God and life and faith and church. She just moved in, so I've got about a year to pour into her life and hopefully show her who true Love really is...and true Love sure ain't stuffing dollar bills in a g-string.

Had lunch with my good friend Rick on Wednesday. It's been awhile since we hung out, but I love his honesty and openness about the things he deals with. Nothing beats a gordita and an hour with Rick (although this isn't entirely true...I can think of many things I would rather do).

Thursday night Heidi's mom was here and they had an Upper Case Living meeting. Now, this wasn't actually a's a party where women get together and eat food and buy these words that stick on the wall (much like a tupperware party or a Tastefully Simple party). However, now I refer to them not as parties, but as meetings (thanks to aforementioned Rick who referred to a Tastefully Simple party as a meeting). So, while my wife and her mother were at the meeting, I met up with Rick and couple other guys at Applebees for half-off appetizers.

Some sad news that as sort of made me think a bit is that a guy who I went to high school with just died from cancer. He was less than two years older than me. Sobering to say the least. I don't know what it would be like to be on my death bed. I don't want to know what it would be like. I hope my wife never has to face that.

In other news, we're less than two months from the projected due date of Baby Blakeney. Can't wait...simply can't wait!