Friday, August 22, 2008


Lots of things are changing in my life right now (and over the past few months).  Notably, I became and dad.  We became parents.  That has been an amazing change.  Earlier this week I spend four days in Cincinnati with my new company.  I have never been so ready to get home to my wife and baby as I was on Wednesday.  I'm not saying that I particularly enjoyed being away from Heidi before Ella was born, but with the baby at home, I want to be with the both of them as much as possible...I feel like I missed so much even though I was only gone for four days.

Speaking of new companies, my new job is going extremely well.  The company, Miller-Valentine Group, seems to be one of those rare companies that cares for their employees and performs well in all aspects.  It has been a fantastic experience thus far, and I expect it to only get better as I continue to grow with the company.  And, if you're in the Grand Rapids area looking for an apartment, you must check out Stone Falls of Ada.  It is by far the nicest apartment community in the greater Grand Rapids area.  

And, finally, it is with great sadness that we must watch some of our best friends, the Mahons, move.  We have grown very close to JR, Di, Mia, Angel, and Zian over the past two years.  We've spent countless nights hanging out at their place, walking to El Chisme (R.I.P.), or sitting underneath the maple tree in their front yard.  They're only moving to Cleveland, which is about four hours away, but it will be such a huge adjustment to not have them two doors down.  I will especially miss Angel running and jumping into my arms saying, "My brother!"

So, that is a very brief update of what's been happening in our life.