Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ella Joy...the Song

I have been writing music for awhile.  You can hear a few rough recordings at my band's website or on my jake.blakeney.music site.  There's not much more I love to do more than write music.  Most of everything I write is never allowed to be heard by anyone because, well, it sucks.  But, every once in awhile a good one comes along, and it must be shared.  

The following song is one such as this...I started working on it about three months ago, and for the last three months I only had one line..."I can't take my eyes off of you, even if I could I wouldn't want to."  Last week Heidi went out with her sister-in-law, so I was home with Ella.  We went for a long walk together, and when we got home she was so tired that I put her to bed early and she fell right to sleep.  Now, thanks to my parents, we have an awesome video monitor that enables us to not only hear Ella when she is in her room, but also see her.  So I did what any good dad and songwriter would do...I got out the guitar, my journal, and a pen...turned on the monitor and there was baby Ella on the screen.  Long story short is that I was able to pen the words to Ella Joy and finish up the music for the song.  

Though we didn't know this when we chose her name, Ella means "bright light."  We simply liked the name Ella, but knowing that it means "bright light" is great.  Match that bright light up to her middle name...joy...and you've got bright light happiness (thus the chorus).  Something that many of you probably don't know is that we tried to have a baby for three years.  It was a difficult three years filled with hope and disappointment and sadness and heartbreak.  We felt helpless and frustrated, and when God decided to provide us with a baby, we were overjoyed.  And, the day Ella was born, it was as if the darkness of our struggle was gone, and the sadness that we suffered was done away with.  So, I leave you the lyrics and a little video of the song...

I can't take my eyes off of you
Even if I could I wouldn't want to
Cause when I see you smile and I watch you sleep
My knees start to buckle and my heart skips a beat for you
My love, my little love, my little one
You are my live, my little love my little one

You're my bright light happiness
In the darkest of night
You're my bright light happiness
All our saddest days are behind us now

You came to us in the middle of the night
When hope was almost gone and we couldn't see the light
A sunny fall day when the leaves were fallin'
We walked across the street and the tears started crawlin'
Down our face for you our little one
You are my love, my little love, my little one

You shine his light in the darkness
You shine his joy in the sadness
You bring love to the ones who are broken-hearted
Ella Joy

Monday, September 29, 2008


I love this house in the morning.  I love sitting in the den with a cup of hot cider.  The lamp is on low, no other lights are on.  I've got the video monitor out so I can look at Ella while she sleeps. My wife is asleep in our bed.  Everything is peaceful.  I love this time of the morning, when you can hear a few dogs barking outside in the distance as their owners let them out and get ready for work.  I love seeing the lights go on in the neighbors' houses around me.  Soon cars will begin pulling out of their driveways to go to work.  Soon I'll pull out of my driveway to go to work.  

But until then, I'll cherish this hour and a half of quiet...calm...it's just me and God for the next hour and a half.  Today I am reminded of the frailty of life.  A guy I know (albeit not very well) passed away Saturday night...33 years old...heart attack.  Surreal, unbelievable, shock.  It helped center me...back to what I know is important...Heidi, Ella, the rest of my family.  Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.  But here I am today, so it's time to live.  So, as the sun comes up, I live...not in darkness...not with regret...but I live deeply with those around me...I love unconditionally with those who cross my path...I dive into the mess that we've made of life and I try to somehow, some way, use the light of Jesus to restore and complete and make new.