Monday, October 6, 2008


One of my favorite things to do with Ella is to whisper in her ear. Ella is typically very intense. She doesn’t relax much. She’s always…and I mean always moving. Looking around, standing up (although she obviously needs us to hold on to so she can balance), laughing, crying. The girl doesn’t stop…except when you whisper in her ear.

When I put my mouth close to her ear and begin to whisper, it usually calms her. She just lets her head fall against my face and stares as I speak softly. It is an amazing feeling…it’s as if when I whisper to her the world is ok…there’s no need to fuss, there’s no need to be moving, there’s no need to be tense. She can rest in the safety of my arms and hear my voice ever so softly whispering in her ear. I usually say things like, “I love you baby girl…you’re so beautiful…I love you so much.” And then my words of affirmation begin to shift to prayers. I’m not talking to her anymore, but I’m praying that God would not let Ella deal with the same sins that I’ve had to deal with. That she would always know who she is in Christ. That she would always walk in the grace and mercy of God. That she would always follow Christ. That she would influence others and not be swayed by them. And as I whisper these prayers to God in Ella’s ear, it feels as though the Spirit of God is moving…like his presence is there. As Ella lets her body rest and listens to my whispers, I let myself rest in knowing the presence of the Living God inside of me. It’s as if when I whisper to Ella, my father whispers to me…and the same rest that Ella enters into when she hears my quiet voice, I enter into when I hear God whispering to me. And for a few brief moments, this world is as it should be…quiet, calm, peaceful. Oh how I long for quiet. Oh how I long for calm. Oh how I long for peace. How I long for this world to be restored to the way it was meant to be…where we pray and play. Where we walk with God in the cool of the day. Where we aren’t driven and tossed by our need to make money, our need to be recognized, our need to be someone. Where we can just rest in knowing that “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” Where we can live in the moments of whispers in our ears.