Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

Tonight is full of random thoughts running through my head.  Here they are...

1.  I wonder what would happen if I...and others I know who have experienced similar things...started to call out the people who have socked us in the gut.  I'm not talking literal punches.  I'm thinking of the ones who really messed with our lives.

2.  I can't believe it's two weeks before Thanksgiving and I'm going to hang up Christmas lights.  I will not light them until after Thanksgiving.

3.  My daughter is cute...and funny.

4.  I really need to repair that hole in the kitchen ceiling.

5.  It's supposed to snow this weekend and my leaves are not raked yet...whatever happened to youth groups doing a "rake and run" where they come, rake up and run away?  I've always been involved in these, but no youth group has ever done it for me.  You'd think in Grand Rapids, the town with many youth groups, that one of them would eventually hit my yard.  This would be a good year for it.

6.  Reverend Larry Moonshine is the coolest band name ever.

7.  A man that I like to call "Todd Pull-one-on-ya" was the first one to sock me in the gut (see number 1).  It's a miracle that I even go to church any more.

8.  It's November 14, and I just tested Christmas lights...why?  I'm trying to remember...oh yeah, she's sitting across the living room and she has the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen.

9.  Yesterdog sounds really good right now.

10. We have a dictionary on our bookshelf that I don't think we've ever looked at.  We also have a book by T.D. Jakes that I don't think we've ever looked at.

I hope you've enjoyed my random thoughts for the evening. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Perfect Day

5:00am - Ella wakes up to eat.  I wake up to feed her.
5:20am - Ella goes back to sleep.  I go back to sleep too.
8:00am - Ella wakes up, I get up with her, we go downstairs and sit on the couch, she falls back to sleep on my chest while I pray.
9:00am - Heidi wakes up, we eat breakfast and get ready for church.
11:00am - Ella is in the nursery, Heidi and I worship and pray with our church.
1:00pm - We grocery shop
2:00pm - We return home, eat lunch together, laugh at Ella while she gags on green beans.
3:00pm - Heidi and Ella make sweet potatoes, I work on raking leaves in the yard.
5:00pm - We have dinner with our dear friends and neighbors.
6:30pm - Ella falls asleep on my chest again while we sit and chat with our dear friends and neighbors.
8:00pm - We return home, feed Ella and put her to bed.
9:00pm - Heidi and I watch Desperate Housewives (I'm not ashamed to say it)
10:00pm - Ella starts crying, so I go bring her back down.
10:20pm - I sit at my computer watching the two most beautiful women in the world sleep on the couch...Heidi and Ella...gorgeous.  How did I end up here?  Only by the grace of God.