Thursday, April 16, 2009

No More Talk...So We Sing

It's finally happening!  I'm going into the studio.  After years of people telling me I need to do it, I'm actually going to.  The opportunity has arisen for me to record some of the worship music I've written, and I'm so excited.  With me is an incredible band (Justin, Brad, Tyler, and Charla)...seriously some of the best players and most passionate worshipers I've played with.  I'll be putting out a 4-song EP in the very near future...hopefully in time for May 16th, when I'll be opening for Lincoln Brewster.  Buy your tickets here.  And, just for kicks, here's a little Lincoln Brewster for your viewing pleasure...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Church Marketing...Ugh.

A few years ago I was looking for a job in a church...trying to make a living by leading worship. Something that has always bugged me about churches is their cheesy signs. I made a commitment to not even entertain the idea of going on staff at a church if they had a sign with a saying like, "Walmart is not the only saving place," or "God is the Potter, not Harry." The ironic thing is that a church contacted me for an interview, and as I pulled into the parking lot the sign by the road said, "God answers knee mail." I rolled my eyes, went in for the interview, and within a month I was on staff there. For the majority of my time at that particular church, I was successful at not letting any more cheesy quotes on the sign.

I've noticed lately, that the internet has become just an extension of cheesy church signs for many congregations. I found a particular church website that does just this...only in a high tech modern way. It never ceases to amaze me that churches always find a way to annoy people! I will not mention said church by name because I know some people who go there and are involved there...and I love these people. On their website they have a "Top Ten Reasons to Be A Part of XYZ Church." Please keep in mind that I am not picking on said church at all. This type of marketing is one of the things that I think turns people off from the Church. Here's the list...along with a few comments of my own...I'll let you figure out which came from me and which came from the church's website.

10. XYZ church is more gourmet coffee than instant - If this doesn't scream "YUPPIE" I don't know what does.

9. XYZ church is more guitars and drums than organ - Really? Must we still make an issue out of music? I think this implies that it is better to be a part of a church with guitars and drums as opposed to one that uses an organ...seems a bit haughty (see number 6) if you ask me.

8. XYZ church is more minivan than corvette - I have a T-shirt that says, "Minivan...Megafun." If I went to this church I would wear this shirt every Sunday.

7. XYZ church is more jeans than suits & ties - So, if someone shows up in a suit and tie to a jeans church, are they made to feel as uncomfortable as someone who shows up in jeans to a suit and tie church?

6. XYZ church is more transparent than haughty - See #9, #8, and #7

5. XYZ church is more journey than arrival - Gotta love church lingo

4. XYZ church is more shaking hands than shaking fingers - I think shaking hands is used more as a defense mechanism in has the appearance of friendliness and acceptance, but keeps people at arm's length...which really makes being transparent (#6) a bit difficult. I'm just saying.

3. XYZ church is more Veggietales than Simpsons - Now, Veggietales are cool and all, but I've probably learned more about God, family, and culture from tuning into the Simpsons.

2. XYZ church is more eternal legacy than earthly portfolio - I actually kind of like this one.

1. XYZ church is more hip than boring - I don't want to be bored, but I don't think "hip" is what I'm going for either.

So, there you have it...a bit of cynicism on this Thursday evening. Now, if you don't mind, I need to go send some "knee mail" to God...and I think just to cover all my bases, I'll cc: Jesus and the Holy Spirit.